Success Stories

Jin Yu Lin -
Pho Grand

Lower Manhattan-based Pho Grand

Long-time Renaissance client and neighborhood staple Pho Grand, a Vietnamese restaurant located in Chinatown, has been open since 1999 and is owned by Mr. Jin Yu Lin. Originally from China, Mr. Lin had a wholesale shoe business in his home country before immigrating to the United States. The idea for opening Pho Grand came to him when he saw many people eating in Vietnamese restaurants around Lower Manhattan. Having started a CD store in 1997, it occurred to him to shift gears and focus instead on feeding New Yorkers. 

Despite finding relatively few challenges running his business over the years, Mr. Lin shared that the COVID-19 pandemic hit the business quite hard. Having worked with Renaissance since nearly Pho Grand’s inception, he sought our support once more to overcome the struggles of having to close for a few months. Working with Simon, a business counselor, he secured a Renaissance loan; he was able to reopen and maintain operations until foot traffic began to return. While foot traffic has not fully recovered, Pho Grand has expanded its takeaway business using delivery services, changing its operating model to match the times. 

With a focus on customer service, Mr. Lin continues to work on rebuilding Pho Grand’s vibrant customer base and is looking forward to what the next few years have to offer. Mr. Lin shared a secret to his success – stick to one thing and do it well!