Success Stories

Jaeyeon Kim & Hyo Jung Kim -
Ziggle Tofu & Grill

Queens-based Ziggle Tofu & Grill

Ziggle Tofu & Grill, a Korean restaurant owned by Jaeyeon Kim and operated by him and his wife, Hyo Jung Kim, is another strong example of a business willing to reinvent itself during the pandemic. Launched in Flushing, Queens in 2016, the business was created building on Mrs. Kim’s skills learned in culinary school and Mr. Kim’s experience in the field of interior design. The business operated for five years with a focus on providing customers not just something to taste but a new experience.

Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Kim found themselves struggling to survive when the pandemic struck New York City. They kept their doors open but relied solely on delivery and takeout orders to do so. With the idea of reinventing the business and focusing on their recovery, in October 2021, the Kims opened their second location in Long Island City under the name of “Ziggle,” reflecting the “sizzling” sound of a hot plate of good food coming fresh out of the kitchen.

In 2021, the owners sought out Renaissance for a small business loan after hearing about Renaissance via email and social messaging sent out by partners. After working with Salley, a Renaissance business counselor, the owners received a working capital loan to support the start-up phase of their second location.

Ziggle’s owners shared that an important part of what is supporting their recovery is the complement between the skills they each have along with their focus on ensuring their customers have a great experience. Mr. and Mrs. Kim see signs of recovery as diners return to eating indoors and are hopeful that this will continue to improve. So, what’s next for Ziggle? The business owners have the idea of continuing to expand and franchising the business. Renaissance will continue to support Ziggle’s growth and looks forward to seeing what is next for this inspiring husband and wife team.