New York State Grant Program – Application Training Webinars

The State of New York has launched an $800 million grant program to help small businesses recover from COVID-19. Grants are available between $5,000 – $50,000 for eligible businesses. We are offering Grant Application Training Webinars in multiple languages to show you how to submit an application online. Please see the webinar schedule below with registration links and flyers in English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.  If you need further assistance with the online application, please  fill  out  an  interest  form  HERE.

6/15  2 PM – 補助計劃申請講座 (普通話) 

6/16  3 PM – 보조금 신청자 트레이닝 웨비나

6/17  1 PM – 補助計劃申請講座 (粵語)

6/21  2 PM – Seminarios web de capacitación sobre solicitudes de subvenciones

6/22  2 PM – Grant Application Training Webinar

6/23 11 AM – 補助計劃申請講座 (普通話)

6/24 11 AM – 보조금 신청자 트레이닝 웨비나