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Renaissance Tours

Renaissance Tours is a subsidiary of Renaissance Economic Development Corporation that specializes in organizing tours of Chinatown’s attractions and businesses.

Renaissance Tours has the expertise and knowledge of Chinatown necessary to provide the following services:

Design a customized itinerary
• Select venues that meet the budget, size and interests of a group.
• Ensure accommodations for groups with special needs.
• Customize theme tours (Culinary Tours, Arts & Antiques, Health & Beauty)
• Ensure an authentic experience of Chinatown.

Provide prompt and professional booking service
• Make reservations and arrange ticket purchases.
• Coordinate with local venues.
• Provide a detailed description of elements of the tour.

Provide an insider’s knowledge of local venues
• Give informed recommendations of various venues and businesses.
• Provide routing information and maps.
• Coordinate with venues to provide gifts and amenities.

Conduct site inspections
• Assess venues and facilities prior to an event.
• Keep clients updated on special arrangements.
• Work with local businesses to ensure that clients’ specifications are met.

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